Expert Solutions for

Non-Performing Whole Loans

Maximization of returns through:

Accelerated liquidation timelines.

Reduced and controlled legal/recovery costs.

Compliance risk minimization, control and mitigation.

Streamlined foreclosures in challenging jurisdictions.

The Expert Legal Solution

to Non-Performing Whole Loans

Distressed Capital Management LLC (“DCM”) was formed in June 2012, in Irvine, California, by a team of mortgage bankers, creditors’ rights attorneys and asset & portfolio managers with deep experience and successful track records in unlocking value in non-performing residential and commercial loans (“NPLs”) by integrating the latest technology with a captive-owned elite nationwide legal network by DCM.

Core Competencies

Asset Valuation

DCM’s asset managers are highly proficient in synthesizing and analyzing the pertinent information which will determine the financial potential of each loan within a pool.  This detailed approach includes reviewing collateral, property values, location, condition, marketability, occupancy status, unpaid taxes and insurance, loan-to-value, loan size, payment and servicing history, borrower capacity to pay, bankruptcy and foreclosure status, as well as the federal, state and local laws which impact the timing and ability to foreclose.

Capital Market Expertise

DCM’s management brings experience and expertise in capital markets which provides the ability to determine and execute advantageous asset purchases, sales and strategic financial strategies.  DCM participates with institutional sellers to obtain pools of Non-Performing Loans (NPL’s) and is able to leverage extensive capital market experience to structure advantageous investment vehicles.  This includes FHA/HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Banks and Hedge Funds.  DCM is also an approved bidder with HUD, Citibank, Wells Fargo and co-bids on agency NPL pools with its investment partners.

Timeline Management

DCM’s strategic partnership with its sister company, BP Fisher Law Group, LLP (Previously BP Law Group, LLP & The Fisher Law Group, PLLC) enables a streamlined and efficient process to move assets through the foreclosure process, while remaining compliant with all applicable laws.  Each file is reviewed weekly by a dedicated asset manager, with any delays in file movement or significant status changes relative to strategic plan assessed with appropriate senior managers.  Timelines and valuations are re-evaluated and re-cast regularly to ensure investment milestones are achieved.

Servicer Management

DCM monitors each loan servicers’ performance to ensure that their actions support investor requirements, and works with servicers to take corrective actions when standards are not met.  Each servicer’s loan portfolio performance is evaluated for timeline adherence, file movements, operating costs, property rehabilitation activity, and REO time on the market and sale proceed performance.  Servicer performance reports are produced and reviewed on a monthly basis.  If it is discovered that a servicer is impeding the overall investment strategy, DCM will take a hands on approach to resolve any underlying issues.

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