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Judicial state NPLs are darlings to DCM

Non-performing residential loans that are often shunned for their associations with the toughest local workout laws have become a priority for Distressed Capital Management, said CIO Matthew Browndorf. DCM, an Irvine, California component of Plutos Sama LLC, recently raised hundreds of millions of dollars to begin building a portfolio of NPLs in “judicial” states where […]

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Distressed Capital Management, LLC shared Plutos Sama, LLC's Game 3. ...

#Plutossama wins Game 3 and are champions of the 2017 season, but everyone is a winner at the Plutos Sama Annual Summer Volleyball Games!

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Distressed Capital Management, LLC added a new photo — at Distressed Capital Management, LLC. ...

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The Distressed Capital Management team will be in attendance at the 2nd Annual Mortgage Notes, Non- & Re-Performing Loans Symposium from June 8-9 in Dana Point, CA. See you there! Register here - ...

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Come find Mohit Agarwal, Managing Director, in attendance at ABS Global 2017, the largest annual European structured finance gathering, from June 6-8 in Barcelona, Spain. Register here - ...

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Happy Work Anniversary!

#DCM wishes to thank Nathan Schlepp for another great year of contributions he has made to the team.

Your positive attitude has had a terrific influence on the way the entire staff interacts with one another and we look forward to another great year with you!

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